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Rocklyn Homes is proud to be a member of Bonded Builders Warranty Group (BBWG), and to provide BBWG insured new home warranties to our buyers. BBWG’s builder members must pass Underwriting scrutiny and commit to fulfilling their warranty obligations. Not only will Rocklyn Homes give you one of the best warranties in the industry, we will guarantee that warranty with solid backing from BBWG, who is also reinsured.

Your home will be enrolled into the warranty program at closing. The document you will receive from BBWG after your closing clearly defines our warranty obligations to you. Rocklyn Homes is your warrantor for the 1st year of workmanship and materials with 2 years of systems coverage, as defined in the document. For 10 full years, BBWG will warrant that your home is free of structural defects as defined in that same document.

You can rest assured that we take our warranty responsibilities very seriously and want you, our buyer, to enjoy your Rocklyn home for years to come.

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