Rocklyn Homes Wins THREE Personal Achievement Categories at Annual OBIE Awards Banquet

Left to right – Lora Jenkins, Kerry White and Leslie Gaines

It’s all about teamwork and no other new home builder displays this as well as Rocklyn Homes.  OBIE awards are given to recognize outstanding achievement in new home building, marketing, remodeling and personal achievement categories.

The Sales and Marketing Council of the Home Builders Association presents the annual OBIE Awards every November. OBIE Award recipients stand out among their peers and are recognized for their outstanding achievements.

This year Rocklyn Homes won ALL three categories in personal achievement!

Sales Manager of the Year for 2017 goes to Kerry White with Rocklyn Homes and this is not her first award.

Kerry joined Rocklyn Homes in 2012 as a Community Sales Manager, bringing skill, intelligence and irrepressible passion to the organization. She soared past benchmarks before being promoted to Rocklyn Homes Corporate Sales Manager in July 2015. That same year she was named Sales Manager of the Year by the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association. In 2016, Kerry supervised communities that recorded a company record of more than $143 million in sales, representing 663 new homes sold, 78% of sellable inventory. Kerry cares about her team, mentoring them to success. Says Kerry, “I teach agents that it’s not so much about selling a product, as about communicating with buyers.”

Sales Person of the Year for 2017 goes to Lora Jenkins with Rocklyn Homes creating a ripple of caring for others.

Lora came into the real estate business to support her two sons.  She started out in regular real estate until she met Holly Martin with Rocklyn Homes and experienced a ripple of kindness. Lora was so impressed with how much Holly loved her career with Rocklyn Homes that she was encouraged to eventually join the Rocklyn family. In June 2016, she was assigned to Open Fields, a luxury townhome community in Gwinnett County priced from the Mid $100’s.  Lora sold all 78 homes in less than a year, averaging 6.5 sales per month with a dollar volume of $13.8 million, 100% of sellable inventory. Says Lora, “This was the job that allowed me to take care of my kids and it’s been absolutely incredible. Now I understand that real estate has the power to change lives, which is what I’ve always wanted to do.”

Rookie Sales Person of the Year goes to Leslie Gaines – overcoming life-changing odds with an incredible passion.

Leslie Gaines started out in law school but when cancer derailed her plans, she took the advice of her sister, Kerry White to begin a career in real estate. Leslie dabbled in real estate, but spent most of her time volunteering for organizations including Grady Hospital and Piedmont Hospital.  With a great desire to help others, Leslie turned back to real estate to help deserving people into their own homes. She began working with Rocklyn Homes in 2015 at Princeton Lakes and was quickly promoted to Community Sales Manager at Renaissance at South Park.  In less than a year, Leslie sold 84 homes, an average of 7 sales per month, generating over $14 million in sales, 76% of sellable inventory. As a volunteer and now as a proud real estate professional, Leslie has demonstrated a passion for helping people move from homelessness to perpetual renter to homeowner.

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